Research & internships

Research & internships
Globally the employability of graduates is a growing challenge. There is an urgent need for the development of new concepts regarding promotion of employability at universities in the Global South. Important here is that universities are able to develop and implement new learning approaches. We will put special emphasis on service learning approaches as already tested at Leipzig University.
In order to promote a better understanding of the effects of service learning and develop realistic solutions, VOITURE will conduct a field-research about the impact of transfer of best-practices in service-oriented trainings and the aspects of their feasibility in Tunisia. This will be implemented by offering two master thesis topics to SEPT MBA students. In this way, there will be an academic documentation and a direct insertion of the results into the scientific discussion. The results will be presented in 2 academic papers. Yet they will be published promptly in our SEPT working paper series in order to transfer the findings to academic partners in our iN4iN network and beyond. Additionally, a PhD research will accompany the whole project. The research results will be presented annually in an academic conference.
So, Research & Internships in VOITURE project include: 
  • Phd student (1 from LEipzig)
  • MBA: 2 students from ENET’Com are annually selected for an MBA in Leipzig.
  • Internships : at 5 students from ENET’Com are annually selected to do internships in DRAEXLMAIER Tunisia group and 3 students in DRAEXLMAIER Germany.