Summer School 2020

Summer School 2020




Competition Plan:

We are happy to announce the end of a successful online idea competition organizes in a form of 7 days online hackathon. The event plan was as the following:
24 students participated in the event, distributed in 6 teams. Each team focused on finding solutions for a specific domain, affected by Covid-19 crisis. 

Fields of Chellenges:

The students were requested to develop solutions for one of 5 fields, addressing their Covid-19 related challenges:

Pitch videos of participating teams:


Team 1: Safe Trip Domain: Travel & Tourism
Solution:  Application that helps tourists to avoid crowded places
Team 2: iXir Domain: Health
Solution:  health care bracelet controlled through an application that will help you to have a better and efficient track on your beloved one's vital values
Team 3: Cov'In E-Consulting Domain: Small Businesses
Solution:  Online consulting platform as well as a mobile app that matches SMEs business owners and consultants to find new business strategies for their companies to face COVID-19 pandemic. 
Team 4: Jokology Domain: Social Life
Solution:  A platform for teaming up with comedy teams, becoming famous comedians, booking comedians, selling scripts, sharing happiness and humor, and uploading funny content.
Team 5: Zoot Domain: Education
Solution:  Zoot is a freemium platform that democratize access to knowledge and valuable information in a organized and easy way to be share for free.
Team 6: Voogle Domain: Small Businesses
Solution:  VOOGLE is designed to simulate office / co-working environments online, providing employees / members of small businesses (or academic institutions) with interesting life-like avatars / personas, and a chance to work remotely but not alone.


We are happy to announce the 3 winners of our online idea competition:
First prize: Team 6 with the idea  Voogle  of Category Small Businesses
Second prize: Team 2 with the idea  iXir  of Category Health
Third prize: Team 1 with the idea  Safe Trip  of Category Travel & Tourism
We want to congratulate the winners and wish them the success by further development of the business idea and developing the product / service in the market.